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  •  Hebrews 13:8
In early March, as the covid 19 virus began to spread, and businesses began  to close, quarantines were established, we’re were asked to stay in our homes as much as possible, and for an extended time, we were not even able to have church services.  While we are still to practice social distancing, things are starting to open up again.  Business and restaurants are open – with some restrictions. Some people are able to go back to work. We can even have church services again – with some restrictions.  Add in the recent social unrest, and I have had more than a few people how they have never experienced anything like this.  Terms like “new normal” and “unprecedented times” are frequently used.  Maybe one of the reasons people can’t wait for Church to start is that it a a symbol of the way things used to be or are suppose to be. 
For us as Christians we have the comfort and assurance that the most important thing is still the same and never will change – our God, His Word, our salvation – our Savior Jesus Christ.  All the turmoil in the world as well as the hardships and troubles of life are a reminder that one  of the things that will never change is the existence of sin and what it does to our world. God revealed His holy will for us by giving us his Law – the universal standard of right and wrong, summarized in the Ten Commandments.  But the Law’s greatest effect is to show us who we are – sinners who need a Savior.  That is not going to change.
But neither will God’s love change.  That love sent us a Savior to do what we could never do – take away our sins and make us right with God.  Redemption, the result of Jesus’ work – His holy life and innocent suffering and death – will never change either.  There will never be any more payment for sin required.  Jesus did it all – one time, for all time, for all people.  Warranties and guarantees expire.  The most reliable car or machine gives out.  But our salvation, accomplished by Jesus, never will.
God’ love for us will never change either.  Not only did His love move Him to send a Savior and through the Savior forgiveness of sins.  His love also sends the Holy Spirit, who brings us to faith.  His love sustains that faith with Word and Sacrament.  His love gives us life, not just spiritual, but physical life.  All that we have in this world come from God because of His love – sunrise and sunset, food, clothes and shelter, family and friends, work and recreation – all gifts of God and His love.   His constant presence, His strength and encouragement and the promise of a place waiting for us in heaven will always be there.  Regardless of how unsettling life in this world may seem, we can find our comfort and strength in words meaning, message and encouragement will always be the same.  Never forget - JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME –YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER.
  • Pastor Michael Barlow


Wednesday: Cancelled until further notice

9:00 AM

Sunday School and Adult Bible Study
Cancelled until fall

 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
coffee and treats

Summer Sunday Worship services
Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend
no Sunday School
Fellowship coffee/snacks following Sunday service: cancelled until
further notice
19 min Bible Study Sundays
10:15 AM

Holy Communion is celebrated on the first and third Sundays of the month and the Wednesdays preceding these Sundays. The WELS synod practices close communion, contact Pastor Barlow for more information. 


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