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Flash: ON   January 26, 2020 

The Lord’s Prayer – Part 5

“Give us today our daily bread.”

    Only one petition in the Lord’s Prayer deals specifically with my physical needs. But that doesn’t make “daily bread” less important. If God didn’t consider what I need to live important, he wouldn’t have included this petition. But he has, and I use the Fourth Petition with gratitude and confidence.
            My problem is that I turn bread into cake. I confuse wants with needs. The more my gracious God gives me, the more I want. Should he withdraw or withhold some of those extras, I can quickly pout and even point an accusing finger at him. “Daily bread,” Jesus teaches me to pray in this Fourth Petition—that which I need in order to live.
            Note his word today. That word’s not filler—not extra just thrown in. “Today” is Jesus’ reminder to ask him regularly for life’s necessities. It’s also his antidote against worry. Yesterday is past and cannot be changed. Why should I lug its troubles along like so much mold to taint the taste of today’s bread? Tomorrow is too far for me to see, much  less control. Why should I allow its supposed troubles, like some half-baked dough, to lie in my stomach, spoiling my appetite for today’s bread? “Today,” Jesus teaches me to pray, leaving yesterday and tomorrow in his loving hands. He knows what I need and will surely give it.
             “Give,” he says. Subconsciously I might find this word difficult. More often than not, I think of daily bread as something I have earned. I’ve worked hard for what I have. It’s mine because I have planned and perspired. Other times I look around and then complain, “I deserve more or at least as much as you’ve given that other person.” “Give,” Jesus teaches me to pray, reminding me that I’m a beggar asking and expecting only because of his love. Daily bread is not my paycheck; it’s his free gift to me.  “Give,” he says, reminding me also about thanksgiving.
            The unbelieving people and the ungrateful beasts in this world grab for their daily bread without giving any thought to the One behind it. I’m to stand head and shoulders above them. I’m to thank the giver before enjoying his gifts. And not just with words of thanksgiving but also with thanks-living.
            One petition in seven, but no less important. Where would I be without God giving me my daily bread?


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