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Flash: ON   June 25, 2021 

Sunday Service Video
June 20th
Christian Dad: Don't Give Up (2 Corithians 4:16-18)


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God Reveals Himself in the Bible

          Dan was a member of the same church his entire life. His parents brought him to the baptismal font, Sunday school, and catechism classes. At his confirmation he confessed Christ and promised to make regular use of the means of grace. For several years Dan attended worship with his parents. He heard the pastor read from the Bible. He received the Lord’s Supper. Soon, however, Dan’s love for the outdoors crowded out time for the Bible and for worship. When Dan’s pastor encouraged him to return to church, Dan said, “Pastor, you don’t need to worry about me. The outdoors is my church. When I’m fishing on the lake or hunting in the woods, I learn about God and feel his presence. ”
          Dan was only partly right. We can learn something about God from nature. All creation testifies that there is a divine being who is powerful and wise. Our consciences remind us that we are accountable to this God who created us. No one, however, can learn from nature what God really thinks of us or what he has done for us. God reveals this information in the Bible.
          Think of it this way: A new family moves in next door. As you watch your new neighbors unload their van, you learn something about them. The toys tell you that they have young children. The tools tell you that someone is a craftsman. The bicycles, boat, and camper are clues that the family enjoys the outdoors. You gather a good amount of information by taking note of what your neighbors own. But you cannot really know who they are and what they are like unless they tell you about themselves. When they tell you about themselves, you learn their names, their occupations, their likes and dislikes, where they have lived in past years, and why they have moved into the neighborhood. You get to know them for who they really are.
          Nature tells us God is powerful and wise. But it isn’t enough. We cannot learn of Jesus from the mountains, lakes, and trees. The Bible alone tells us who God is: our merciful Father who has planned our rescue from sin and death and promises life with him forever through Jesus. The Bible alone tells us of Christ crucified, and the Bible’s message of Jesus alone is the power of God unto salvation. By the power of the gospel we believe. As we continue to hear the gospel, we receive strength and comfort to continue our journey through life to eternity. There really is no substitute.







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Special Congregational Mtg
June 6th
10:15 AM 

Cross Lights
(Women's group)
Sunday June 6th
2:00 PM

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Saturday June 19th
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